10 Essential Master Bedroom Accessories

10 Essential Master Bedroom Accessories For A Refined Suite

Looking to decorate your master bedroom as beautiful as you see on Instagram and Pinterest?

Well, there are bedroom accessories that interior designers recommend to help create a luxurious master bedroom.

Whether you’re living in a rental or your own home, it’s highly likely that you have a master bedroom or primary bedroom.

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These ideas for master bedroom accessories should help you design a beautiful evening retreat. 

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: SK Design.Ru

The master bedroom in a home is simply the largest and most desirable bedroom in the house, often in the most favorable location of all bedrooms in the house or having the best views.

Typically, the head of the household sleeps here.

To make it more than just a bedroom, a master suite could have a walk-in closet, sitting area, an attached home office, a private balcony, foyer, and even a fireplace.

And the accessories round everything out, as, an accessory adds functionality while spicing up your decor.

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10 Bedroom Accessories to Design a Beautiful Master Bedroom

Usually, the master bedroom is decorated differently from the other bedrooms, and in this article, we share bedroom accessories that every beautiful master bedroom needs.

1. Choose Your Master Bed

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: Yana’s Decor

The bed is often the focus of any bedroom because it is the main piece of furniture that goes in your bedroom.

To make sure you’re choosing the best type of bed, head out to the store and try it out, as well as your preferred mattress to ensure you’re not getting the wrong one.

For sure, the wrong bed and mattress can lead to sore muscles, a bad back, and obviously, a lack of sleep.

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Also, take into account the overall bedroom size: if the bedroom is too small, a massive bed won’t be for you. To relax properly, you need to have a reasonable space around your bed.

If you want more room and comfort during sleep, consider investing in at least a double bed that a single bed, king beds, super king beds, or even emperor beds.

If you don’t have much room for a big wardrobe, or you don’t know where to put your spare sheets, then consider an ottoman bed.

2. Fix the Headboard

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: Tonic Living

Headboards are a great way to show off your personal decorative style whilst adding functionality to your bedroom.

They hold the mattress and bed frame in place, so they don’t slide around as you get in and out of bed, and also provide back support if you want to sit up while in bed.

Note that the main thing that catches the eye in a bedroom will always be your headboard.

It is a powerful focal point so whether you are choosing a headboard for decorative reasons or just for its functionality, it is key that there is a flow in the room.

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While there are many types of headboards including those made of wood, rattan, cane, and iron.

We recommend upholstered headboards as they are beautiful soft boards upholstered in a variety of fabrics from linen, to cotton, velvet, or even polyester and the surface might be smooth or tufted.

Just remember that if your bedroom is already decorated in a particular decor style, you may wish to stay consistent with the headboard you choose.

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3. Quality Bedding

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: Studio McGee

The overall bedroom atmosphere and, most importantly the condition of our beds and bed linen, is a major contributor to the quality of sleep we get each night.

Once you get a good quality bed, you need a good mattress, quality pillows, duvets, and bedsheets.

To choose a good quality duvet, check for the tog rating (a measure of warmth and will ensure that you enjoy sleep at the optimum temperature for the season ), and for summer, use a 2.5 to 4.5 tog; in spring, autumn, and general use, use a 9 to 10 tog; and for winter, a 12 to 13.5 tog.

Pillows should be soft enough to be comfortable yet firm enough to give the appropriate support to your head, neck, and shoulders. To know if it’s time to replace your pillow, place it over your arm, and if it droops, it’s time for a new one.

Opt for bedsheets made of natural fibres which are breathable, thus helping to regulate body temperature. Cotton, particularly, Egyptian cotton is one of the finest.

If you want to keep your hair super glossy and skin as hydrated, then opt for bedding made of silk.

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Also, use a throw blanket to add a spark of colorful contrast.

Keep it folded across the foot of your bed to warm your feet on chilly nights, and when you sit up in bed or curled up in a chair to read, wrap it around your shoulders.

4. Add a Nightstand

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: Studio McGee

Nightstands are functional bedroom accessories.

They can hold a lamp perfect for setting the mood and reading before bed, a glass of water for a midnight drink, an eye mask for ultimate relaxation when you turn in for the night, or a charger so your phone can stay by your bed.

If you find the air to dry while sleeping at night, add a diffuser to your nightstand and turn it on when before going to bed.

It is also a good surface to stash your tech on a decorative tray or add a vase with fresh flowers.

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: SK Design.Ru

Every nightstand needs lighting and books.

When it comes to lighting, select a table lamp that will add height to your tabletop. Go for one that is not too big to overwhelm your space or one too small to disappear within your nightstand decor.

However, if you feel like your setup will be too cramped, consider installing a wall sconce above the nightstand.

5. A Foot Bench Or Ottoman

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: SK Design.Ru

Pair a well-done bed with a low-key and stylish bench or ottoman that offers a touch of effortless sophistication to any bedroom ensemble, as well as comfortable seating.

Set it at the foot of your master bedroom to match with a gently tufted headboard.

Also, enjoy extra storage space to stow away spare blankets, throw pillows, bed linens, and more for a quick and easy clean-up when needed.

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6. Ambient Lighting

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: SK Design.Ru

Lighting your bedroom is all about creating a relaxing retreat with layers of light that balance the natural light your space already receives.

To make sure that your master bedroom is receiving all the light it needs, start with overhead lighting to illuminate your entire bedroom.

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: Ato Team

Next, use task lighting to add function to your bedroom by brightening bedtime reading, illuminating your closet, or bringing light to dark corners. A good choice is to use wall sconces on either side of the bed to provide ideal reading light and free up more space on your bedside table for your favorite books and essentials.

Finish with accent lighting to highlight the feature that you feel is the focal point of the room and support your overhead lighting and brighten dark spots.

Since these lighting fixtures have a lower wattage than overhead lights for more subtle illumination, consider a table lamp on your dresser or a floor lamp in the corner.

All these three types of light combine and layer up to make your master bedroom truly stunning!

7. Fresh Window Treatments

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: Ato Team

Bedroom curtains create a private haven whilst adding personal style, a sense of grace, and sophistication to your bedroom decor.

When choosing your bedroom curtains, privacy should be your top priority, ensuring they offer as much privacy even when open.

For a luxurious look, consider longer curtains that drape on the floor. To achieve this look, always have the measurements of the length of your curtains from the drapery rings down to the floor while purchasing.

To choose a curtain’s color, we recommend maintaining a monochromatic color scheme that is very relaxing and calming. Start by studying your wall color then use a darker shade of that color as your ideal curtain color.

However, if you want your curtains to act as the focal point more than a mere backdrop, go for a bold or patterned color that still blends with your decor, avoiding combinations with too much contrast. Also, prefer a luxurious fabric like silk or velvet too.

8. The Dresser

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: Ato Team

A dresser is one of the most important bedroom accessories for a master bedroom.

This piece of furniture provides storage for your folded clothing, and a surface on which you can place decorative items, photo frames, and trays to hold items like your jewelry or perfume.

Place your dresser against the wall and provide seating if you’ll use the space for your morning or evening makeup and skincare routines.

Just remember to hang a wall mirror to anchor the space.

9. A Cozy Rug

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: Yana’s Decor

Make it easier to get out of bed during the cold mornings by putting down an area rug that’s large enough to give your feet a warm and cozy landing.

Even if you already have a wall-to-wall carpet, consider placing an area rug for more pattern, color, and texture in your decor. In your master bedroom, you can place the area rug in the following spots:

  • Place the whole bed, nightstand, and foot bench completely on the area rug,
  • Place the lower two-thirds of the bed, plus the foot bench or ottoman on the area rug, leaving the head of your bed and nightstands standing on the bare or carpeted floor.
  • Place only the lower legs of the bed, plus the seating at the foot of your bed on the area rug, leaving most of the bed on the bare floor.
  • Place the area rug at the side of your bed, especially if one side of your beds is by the wall.

Now, keep the area rug in your master bedroom clean and always spread out.

10. Wall Accents

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: Yana’s Decor

The bedroom walls are the greatest opportunity to create a calming and relaxing ambiance.

When it comes to bedrooms, opt for muted colors for the walls as overly bright shades can be too stimulating, which is exactly what you don’t want in a room that’s supposed to be relaxing.

Apart from off-whites, creamy white, ash white and other shades of white, blue is another nice color for bedroom walls as it promotes positivity and relaxation. Brown or other earthy tones are also great for master bedrooms since they are warm, neutral, and easy to design around.

We recommend painting your walls plain so that it is easier to subtly add accents to your walls.

One of the best bedroom wall accessories for your master is a muted piece of wall art, mounted securely above your bed.

10 Bedroom Accessories Every Cohesive Master Bedroom Needs
Courtesy: Yana’s Decor

Another way to decorate your bedroom wall is by adding a TV and grounding this TV wall with a floating console as shown in the photo above.

However, this is an optional decorative step, especially if you have wellness in mind.

Not only does television in the bedroom keep us up later at night, but there are also studies that indicate watching television before bed actually disrupts sleep cycles.

So, removing the television from your bedroom results in quality sleep hence a better rested, more productive day.

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Now you’re ready to decorate your master bedroom with these bedroom accessories!


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