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Room Crush is a home styling blog for organic modern home decor enthusiasts to get inspired, and fall in love with their home.

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Room Crush was created to share high-quality home decor ideas and provide real value for our readers.

Our goal is to explain easy ideas to make styling your home not only simple but also elegant.

Here at Room Crush, you will discover the best ways to keep your home looking gorgeous while running as efficiently as possible. We share decorating advice, shopping recommendations, and preventive maintenance tips.

With some knowledge and inspiration, we believe anyone can design a modern dream home. Because, we want you to be happy to wake up in a room that makes you feel like the fancy, boujee star you are.

Our Beginnings

Before Room Crush became the home decor shopping destination and blog you know and love today, we actually started as an interior decorating agency. Under the name “Crush Interiors” we were named one of the top 30 best interior design firms in Vancouver.  When our agency closed in 2018, Room Crush was born.

Room Crush Shopping Experience

Room Crush is a top shopping destination for you to source unique, modern pieces for your home.

Purchase furniture and decor from our curated shop, and pick up some interior decorating inspiration from our blog.

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