9 Best Ways to Detoxify Your Home

How habitable is your home? Is it a haven of tranquility? Or just some stuffy, poorly-aerated place where you never want to spend much time in.

Well, no matter how much time you spend at home, you should always ensure that your home is welcoming enough, for you. And this starts by detoxifying your home.

At a time when you’re self-quarantining at home, or if you always work from home, a conducive and habitable environment is necessary.

While some people are lucky to have patio areas, gazebos, pergolas, outdoor pools and backyards where they can enjoy the peace, tranquil and fresh air any time they want, other people don’t own such homes.

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Lucky you, if you only have a balcony like me here.

Anyway, if you need to detoxify your home and feel the calm and peace in the air, we share 5 best ways to detoxify your home!

Using these tips, you can clean out the air thus removing the negative energy from the air for a more enthusiastic spirit around your home.

9 Best Ways to Detoxify Your Home & Improve Air Quality

1. Declutter Your Home!

A cluttered space would turn anyone off and psychology says that a cluttered space sows negative energy inside you. It makes you gloomy and less enthusiastic.

If you’re not sure that your home needs some decluttering, here is an article on the 5 signs to declutter your home.

Anyway, just to get started:

  • Clean out your tables and tops,
  • Remove all the books and stationery from the tops and pack them neatly on the shelves,
  • Have clean and hidden storage in the kitchen and dressing room,
  • Clean up your pantry
  • Wash your clothes asap or neatly put them in the dirty clothes bin,
  • Declutter your closet

2. Clean Your House

If you stay in a dirty house all day long, your productivity is significantly reduced.

Thus, you should make an effort to clean your house each morning, right after your morning routine and before you take a bath.

Remember to clear the clutter and take the dirt out, wipe the tops and tables, mop your house and have the furniture arranged, the bed well spread and the utensils washed.

A clean house not only promotes your health but also, makes you feel enthusiastic and positive enough about your home.

3. Ditch Toxic Supplies

Which kind of supplies do you use to clean your house? Well, some cleaning supplies are full of chemicals thus, with continuous use start to affect your overall health.

Thus, ditch these toxic supplies and switch to organic cleansers.

You can always make your own DIY cleaners or purchase organic eco-friendly cleaning products like these recommended ones.

4. Open the Windows Wide!

Apart from just cleaning your house, be sure to open the windows wide as soon as you wake up to just let the fresh air in. You can always open your external doors too.

Breathe in the fresh air and allow the cool breeze to run through your skin. With fresh air and sunlight allowed into your house, your spirit will be lifted and you’ll feel more refreshed and ready for the day!

5. Use house plants

If you’re still unsure about having house plants, you’re missing out! House plants help to clean out the air in your home allowing you to detoxify your home.

Spider plants and the Chinese evergreen are such good plants that you can have inside your house.

Plant them in good planter boxes and place them either on your office shelves, near the window, in your bathroom, or in your balcony.

6. Use a Charcoal Bag

There are so many kinds of air purifiers in the market. Talk about air sprays, charcoal bags, and essential oil diffusers among the most popular ones.

But the best way you can detoxify your home and improve the quality of air is by actually using a bag of activated charcoal that traps the molecules of smell and odors leaving your home smelling fresh.

7. Use a salt lamp

Why would you need a salt lamp?

It cleanses and deodorizes the air, reduces allergy and asthma, eases coughing, neutralizes electromagnetic induction, and reduces static electricity in the air.

Using a salt lamp also increases energy, ensures better sleep, improves mood and concentration, treats seasonal affective disorder, and surely, provides an environmentally-friendly light source.

8. Try Essential Oils

Not only do essential oils smell good, but also have air purification properties. They improve the air quality and when diffused into the air, your body absorbs these properties for an immune boost.

Cinnamon, tea tree, clove, thyme, lemongrass, and rosemary oils are some of the best oils with such varied properties to improve the quality of air in your home.

You can put a drop in your laundry, too. Here are some more tips to make your clothes smell amazing.

9. Have an indoor fountain

The air in your home can become arid and dusty. Thus, adding a water fountain can increase the moisture in your home and trap the dust in the air leaving it cleaner. The fountain is not only good for you, but it is also good for your indoor plants.

Go ahead and detoxify your home!

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