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Best Hostess Gifts For A Christmas Dinner Party

Best Hostess Gifts For A Christmas Dinner Party

Wondering what gifts to bring for the hostess during a Christmas dinner party? Then ride along because in this article, we share the best hostess gifts to get her!

For any civilized person, it is actually bad manners to show up at any social gathering or event empty-handed. One guest etiquette rule is to gift the host. Never forget this!

So, are you wondering what gift to bring to the host?

Even if you’re unsure of his or her preference? Then this list of the best hostess gifts will guide you!

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Best Gift Ideas For The Hostess During Any Social Gathering, Including Christmas


Since the holiday season is almost here, we are getting ready for the Christmas celebrations in style.

This means more and more home celebrations and parties with the relatives in general, Christmas lunches and dinners too.

Here are some fabulous ideas for gifts to give the hostess of your next dinner party or gathering.

1. A Bottle of Champagne + Wine Opener

10 Best Hostess Gifts For A Dinner Party Christmas + Guest Etiquette Rules

Top on our list of the best hostess gifts is a bottle of champagne!

Champagne bottles are aesthetically pleasing, let alone the champagne itself!

But before you buy this gift for the hostess, just be sure of their preference and taste.

You can always inquire about this from them before the event.

To make your wine bottle even more beautiful, consider gift-wrapping your bottle and drop it into your bag.

Apart from the champagne with a beautiful bottle, consider bringing a wine opener for your host too.


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2. Wine Glasses

Best Hostess Gifts For A Dinner Party Christmas

Beautiful wine glasses should be in your gift basket if you consider gifting your host a bottle of champagne.

There are custom wine glasses that you can gift the hostess to make your gift more personalized.

We love these super classy crystal wine glasses at Amazon, below and they are affordable, too!


3. An Instant Pot

10 Best Hostess Gifts For A Dinner Party Christmas + Guest Etiquette Rules

The Instant Pot is such a kitchen must-have!

While it offers fast cooking and still preserves the flavor of food, your host would appreciate an instant pot as a gift. Even if she already has one or two, trust me, no one would reject a good instant pot.


4. Coffee Mugs + Pot

10 Best Hostess Gifts For A Dinner Party Christmas + Guest Etiquette Rules

In social gatherings, coffee or tea are normally part of the menu, especially if it’s a homey event at your parents’ or relatives’.

That means a good set of coffee mugs and a coffee pot would be so appreciated.



5. Glass Cake Stand

10 Best Hostess Gifts For A Dinner Party Christmas + Guest Etiquette Rules

A glass cake stand makes a perfect gift for the hostess. You can place your homemade dessert on it, fasten a gift tag around it and no hostess will refuse this!


6. A Box of Chocolates

10 Best Hostess Gifts For A Dinner Party Christmas + Guest Etiquette Rules

Girls and chocolates?! Yes, please!

Feast your hostess’ eyes on wonderful treats from chocolate pills to chocolate bars. There are so many types of chocolates that you can bring to the hostess and she’ll love them.


7. Your Best Dessert + Dessert Stand

10 Best Hostess Gifts For A Dinner Party Christmas + Guest Etiquette Rules

One of the best hostess gifts that can’t be beat is to give a delicious dessert.

Does your hostess enjoy sweet treats? Then bring to your hostess an impressive selection of gourmet desserts gifts.

You can always prepare that delicious treat and bring it in a dessert basket.


8. A Bread Basket or a Box of Scones

10 Best Hostess Gifts For A Dinner Party Christmas + Guest Etiquette Rules

Food gifts never disappoint and if you can’t prepare bread or scones for the hostess, you can always buy food gifts online on Amazon or Walmart.


9. A Serving Bowl

10 Best Hostess Gifts For A Dinner Party Christmas + Guest Etiquette Rules

In most of the social gatherings, food is normally a centerpiece as we’ve said over and again.

Apart from the instant pot, you can always bring the hostess a couple of serving bowls.

This will ease her serving for the guests. She’ll appreciate this!


10. Cocktail napkins, Kitchen Towels, Dinner Napkins or Serviettes

10 Best Hostess Gifts For A Dinner Party Christmas + Guest Etiquette Rules

Bring the hostess a bunch of cocktail napkins, kitchen towels or a pack of serviettes and she will thank you for it!


Most of the social events around Christmas are so warm and normally, for close friends and relatives. I could call them get-togethers.

While you can also have a bunch of flowers and sweet-smelling candles for the hostess, consider these 10 best hostess gifts and she’ll love it!

Your presence will be appreciated.

10 Best Hostess Gifts For A Dinner Party Christmas + Guest Etiquette Rules

Apart from these great gifts that you can bring for the host, there are some guest etiquette rules we should just learn to live by.

Proper guest etiquette ensures you come out as a person of class, who is well educated.

3 Easy Guest Etiquette Rules


Always Confirm Attendance

If you were invited to any social gathering over at Christmas, please be kind enough to confirm your attendance to the host.

And also, once you have confirmed your attendance, don’t be rude enough to cancel the event during the last minute.

As, honestly, the host would have already budgeted for you so that would be a waste. It is also rude!

On the day of the event, be sure to arrive on time and politely greet the host once you’re at the place; keep this first on the list once you’re at the venue.

If you’ll be unable to attend the social event, kindly let the host know this before you confirm your attendance.

As well, please do not bring in an uninvited guest to the party.

Always have them formally invited by the host if you have to tag them along.

Stick To The Dress Code

If you have to look good at any social event, then you must stick to the dressing code.

If it is a family reunion, be sure to dress modestly and respect whatever the theme will be.

Good enough, if it’s Christmas, it is always easy to look good in red and white, right?

Anyway, there is no room for guessing!

If the host hasn’t let everyone know about the dressing code, be wise enough to inquire this from the host.

Remember to Eat Before Showing Up At The Event

While there is always plenty of food at social gatherings, that is no pass to indulge and become foodie-famous.

And to ensure you don’t over-eat, it is just proper to eat at your place even before the event.


  • You’ll be full enough to over-eat at the place.
  • Even if the food delays to be served, your stomach won’t be rumbling the whole time.
  • Your hands won’t be on the bread basket, dessert table or wine stand every other time.
  • You will have a good time socializing and bonding.

Eating before attending any event will make you the happiest guest because you’ll also preserve your guest etiquette…we don’t want hungry fowls at the event!

Be A High-Worth Guest

As a guest, remember to be on your best behavior!

Arrive on time, with gifts for the host, and carry yourself well.

That means, don’t overindulge on alcohol, don’t participate in gossip or fights and don’t overstay your welcome.

Instead, be friendly and open to all other guests, introduce yourself to people, and be keenly interested in what they have to say.

After the dinner party, be sure to send a thank you text or card to the host.

Best Hostess Gifts For A Christmas Dinner Party – Conclusion

Well, which of these hostess gift ideas will you consider bringing for the host of your next special event?

Have a gift idea that you think should be added to this list? Comment below!

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  1. Melanie williams says:

    There are so many good ideas here. For me it is all about having a glass cake stand or two

  2. These are some amazing gifting ideas. I will surely select few of them to gift my friends and family. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Room Crush says:

      Awesome Khushboo!

  3. Cant believe Christmas is almost here…Love the ideas

    1. Room Crush says:

      It sure is. Definitely getting ready!

  4. Jess Howliston says:

    These are all great suggestions and your right its definitely polite to bring a gift if you are attending! I often tend to opt for a bottle of wine and / or chocolates which always seem to go down well!

    1. Room Crush says:

      That’s so courteous of you! Way to go!

  5. Subhashish Roy says:

    I love the happiness on people’s faces when getting a gift. And a hostess always deserves a great gift after she has put in all the efforts to get everyone together. Each of these gift ideas are just awesome.

    1. Room Crush says:

      Thanks Roy! You’ve said well…we should make the hostess feel awesome too as she makes all of us,right?

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