Best Christmas Wreaths To Impress Your Stupid Neighbors This Holiday

Best Christmas Wreaths To Flex Holiday Prowess Over Your Hood

Do you want to be the envy of your neighbors and flex how bossed and baller you are this Holiday? Then you need some fancy Christmas wreaths for your doors.

Tell me, what is more festive than making your friends, family and neighbors jealous?

Obviously, displaying the fanciest of Christmas wreaths on your door is the only way to make your neighbors and dinner guests so envious they’ll turn as green as the Grinch.

Ok. Maybe that’s not actually a thing. But nevertheless, here are the top Christmas wreath designs this season. And more importantly, what they say about you, as a person.

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Best Christmas Wreaths To Flex Holiday Prowess Over Your Hood

Best Christmas Wreaths To make Your Neighbors Jealous

1. An artist who possibly made this lives here

unminimlaist wreath

You are an artist with an eye for quality design.

You could have made this wreath yourself, sure. But you are also very busy and have better things to do.

So you will hang this wreath on your door and just let everyone assume you made it and not correct them when they gush compliments about how talented you are.

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(The description of this wreath says it’s made of  ‘lambs ears’ which sounds terrifying. Don’t worry, it’s not made of real lambs.)

2. Someone Who Lives Better And More Eco-Consciously Than Her Neighbors, Lives Here

minimalist christmas wreath

You tell yourself that you are obsessed with minimalist home design. You save minimalist decor images on Pinterest daily.

You have told your family numerous times that you are a minimalist.

Also, you collect everything and you are not a minimalist.

But this simple wreath is pretty and allows you to keep the jig up a little longer.

Buy this wreath here

TEMPUS 20 inch Thanksgiving Wreath Magnolia leaves with Pine needle Yellow berry Wreath for Front Door Harvest Festival decor Window Wedding Autumn Outdoor Indoor Décor
  • 1.Size: The wreath has an external diameter of about 20 inches and an internal diameter of about 11inch.The package size is about 17*13 inches.After receiving the product, please remember to unfold the branches of the wreath and you will see a beautiful fall wreath.
  • 2. Material: Selected and made of high quality material. High quality simulated magnolia leaves, colorful foam berries, silk pine needles, strong rattan base, composed of this realistic and durable beautiful wreath.

3. Nice Person With Something To Prove Lives Here

traditional wreath holiday

So what if your neighbor Cathy thinks your garden lacks compared to hers? She’ll shut her Cathy mouth up as soon as she gets a glance full of this wreath.

This wreath screams “I have my sh*t together, Cathy” while also reminding Cathy that, unlike her, you are willing to take risks.

Because you aren’t afraid to adorn your winter wreath with real orange slices and apples, in a neighborhood that’s prone to bears.

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4. Very Rich Lady Lives Here

winter wreath birds

If anyone ever questions if you are a wealthy person with class and character, they will wonder no more when they see this wreath on your door.

Birds lounging on a completely symmetrical array of pine cones? Clearly, you have a refined taste.

Buy this wreath right here.

5. Important Queen B Lives Here

fabulous christmas wreath

Watch out – someone fabulous and dramatic lives at this house. Oh, it’s you.

Your dinner guests wouldn’t dare arrive at your door without classy hostess gifts in hand.

You deserve it and we all know.

Buy this wreath right here.

Best Christmas Wreaths To Flex Holiday Prowess Over Your Hood – Conclusion

Choosing a great Christmas wreath that will impress your stupid neighbors doesn’t have to be a drawn-out or boring process.

Simply select your mood from above and then get back to enjoying what matters this time of year. Binge-watching Vanderpump Rules.

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