13 Best Black Paint Colors 2024: Interior and Exterior

Livingroom example for the Best Black Paint Colors 2024: Interior and Exterior

So, you’re thinking about using black paint in your home? That’s awesome! But you are wondering what the best black paint colors are, and are feeling a little overwhelmed with all the choices?

I get it—choosing the right shade of black paint can feel a bit intimidating. Why can’t we just pick HEX color #000000 and be done with it, right?

No worries, though! In this article, I’ll walk you through some of the best black paint colors out there and share some tips on how to style a room with those bold, beautiful walls.

Plus, we’ll hear from some top interior designers who have loads of experience making black walls look stunning. Ready to get inspired?

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Why Paint Your Wall Black?

best black paint colors for livingrooms with lots of natural light

First off, let’s chat about why black walls are such a great idea.

Black walls are all the rage right now, and for good reason. Black is a bold color that can totally transform a room, adding a touch of elegance and making everything else pop.

Black is one of those colors that never goes out of style. It’s like the little black dress of home decor. Adding black walls to a room can make it feel more sophisticated and dramatic.

And here’s a fun fact: black can actually make a space look larger and more inviting. It’s all about how you use it!

best black paint colors for office color drench

Black walls are super versatile, too. They can work in a chic, modern loft just as well as in a cozy, traditional living room. Whether you want your space to feel sleek and contemporary or warm and inviting, black walls can help you achieve that vibe. Plus, they’re a great backdrop for your favorite artwork and furniture.

Everything just seems to stand out more against black.

The Best Black Paint Colors

Alright, let’s talk about some of the best black paint colors you can choose for your space. Not all blacks are created equal, and the right shade can make all the difference.

Below, I’ll share details about the best black paint colors that interior designers swear by.

But before you run off to your local paint store, make sure you order giant stick-on paint sample stickers from Samplize for each color that catches your fancy.

how to choose the best black paint colors using samplize peel and stick paint samples

Using Samplize peel-and-stick paint samples is the BEST thing you can do to get a good example of what a color will look like in your home – before you waste money on actual cans of paint that may or may not be right for your space.

1. Iron Ore (Sherwin-Williams SW 7069)

iron ore black paint close up

Iron Ore is a dark, charcoal gray with a hint of warmth that sets it apart from other dark shades. Its color depth is quite striking, offering a rich and luxurious appearance without the starkness of pure black.

iron ore_wall
Wall painted with iron ore

This makes Iron Ore an excellent alternative for those looking to incorporate a dark color into their space without the intensity of a true black. One of the most appealing features of Iron Ore is its adaptability to different lighting conditions.

In natural light, it reveals a softer, almost velvety texture with subtle brown undertones. These undertones give the color a grounded, earthy feel, which can add warmth and coziness to a room.

Under artificial lighting, Iron Ore maintains its rich depth, making it a versatile choice for any space that transitions between different lighting scenarios throughout the day.

2. Tricorn Black (Sherwin-Williams SW 6258)

tricorn black paint close up

Tricorn Black (SW 6258) by Sherwin-Williams is a popular choice among designers and homeowners looking for a true, deep black. Renowned for its versatility and striking appearance, Tricorn Black offers a timeless and sophisticated option for various interior and exterior applications.

Tricorn Black is known for its pure, rich black hue. It’s a neutral black, meaning it doesn’t lean towards any particular undertones like blue, brown, or gray, which makes it incredibly versatile. This pure black can add a dramatic and elegant touch to any space without the risk of color shifts that can occur with other dark paints.

bedroom reveal with black wall

The color’s depth and clarity are enhanced by its high-quality pigments, ensuring that it retains its true black appearance regardless of lighting conditions. This makes Tricorn Black an excellent choice for both brightly lit and dimly lit spaces, as it maintains its striking presence and boldness throughout the day.

woman holds up tricorn black paint sample as she considers the best black paint colors for her home

Many interior designers and architects favor Tricorn Black for its reliability and impact. It’s often described as the “go-to” black paint due to its ability to work well in a variety of styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional and classic. Its lack of undertones ensures that it doesn’t clash with other colors or finishes, making it a safe and stylish choice for any project.

3. Wrought Iron (Benjamin Moore 2124-10)

wrought iron black paint close up

Wrought Iron is one of the most popular dark paints Benjamin Moore sells. It is lighter than a true black, with navy blue undertones. It can be used in a wide variety of spaces.

best black paint colors for built in bookcase

4. Notre Dame (Benjamin Moore CSP-570)

best black paint colors notredam

Notre Dame is a beautiful, mid-tone gray that strikes a perfect balance between light and dark. It is part of Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories collection, known for its complex and multi-dimensional hues.

Unlike many standard grays, Notre Dame has a depth that comes from its subtle undertones of brown and green, which add a touch of warmth and make it incredibly versatile.

best black paint colors for apartments

This color can appear slightly different depending on the lighting conditions, giving it a dynamic quality that keeps a space looking fresh and interesting throughout the day. In natural light, Notre Dame leans towards a warmer gray with hints of beige, while in artificial lighting, it retains a neutral, sophisticated gray appearance. This chameleon-like quality ensures that Notre Dame can complement a variety of styles and moods.

5. Black Swan (Sherwin-Williams SW 6279)

black swan paint color close up

At first glance, Black Swan appears to be a rich black, but upon closer inspection, it reveals subtle undertones of plum and brown. These undertones soften the intensity of the black, giving it a warmer, more inviting feel compared to stark, cooler blacks.

livingroom wall painted in Black Swan
livingroom wall painted in Black Swan

The plum and brown hints add depth and complexity, making Black Swan a versatile choice for various design styles, from modern to traditional. One of the standout features of Black Swan is its ability to change with lighting.

In bright natural light, the plum and brown undertones become more apparent, giving the paint a luxurious, almost velvety appearance. In lower light or artificial lighting, it reads as a deep, mysterious black, perfect for creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere. This chameleon-like quality makes Black Swan an excellent choice for rooms that experience varying light conditions throughout the day.

6. Greenblack (Sherwin-Williams SW 6994)

greenblack paint close up

Greenblack appears almost black at first glance, but reveals subtle green undertones upon closer inspection.

This duality gives the color depth and a dynamic quality, making it a standout choice for those looking to add a touch of drama to their design without resorting to a true black. The green undertones in Greenblack add warmth and earthiness, which can bring some warmth to your organic modern interiors.

Bedroom wall painted with Greenblack paint color
Bedroom wall painted with Greenblack paint color

Depending on the lighting, the color can shift from appearing nearly black in dim or artificial light to showcasing more of its green hues in natural light. This chameleon-like quality ensures that Greenblack remains interesting and dynamic throughout the day.

painting the walls and ceiling black reveal

7. Muskeg Grey (Valspar 4005-2C)

muskeg grey paint sample

If you don’t want to go super black, consider a dark grey tone like Muskeg Grey. Muskeg Grey is a light to mid-tone grey that leans slightly towards a warm, earthy base. Its neutral quality makes it an excellent choice for creating a calm and serene atmosphere in any room.

The color has subtle green undertones, which provide a hint of warmth and depth, distinguishing it from cooler, blue-based greys.

testing the best black paint colors for interiors

8. Nocturnal Green (Valspar 5011-1)

nocturnal green paint color

Nocturnal Green (5011-1) is a fantastic paint color if you want the boldness of black but you don’t want any lack of color! This color is on the very dark green side, giving any room a classy look.

9. Bohemian Black (Sherwin-Williams SW 6988)

how to choose the best black paint colors bohemiam black example

Bohemian Black is not your average black paint. It stands out due to its warm, earthy undertones that give it a softer, more inviting feel compared to cooler blacks. This complexity makes Bohemian Black a perfect choice for those who want to incorporate a dark color into their decor without creating an overly harsh or sterile environment.

bohemian black_wall
Wall painted using bohemian black color

Under natural light, Bohemian Black reveals its subtle brown undertones, which add a touch of warmth and sophistication to the color. In dimmer or artificial lighting, it retains its deep black appearance, maintaining its dramatic impact.

10. Caviar (Sherwin-Williams SW 6990)

Caviar best black paint colors

Like Tricorn, Caviar is another true, deep black. This one has a hint of warmth that sets it apart from cooler, more neutral blacks. This subtle warmth gives it a rich and inviting quality, making it a great option for creating a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere in both interior and exterior spaces.

Sherwin-Williams Caviar black paint in living room
Sherwin-Williams Caviar black paint

One of the key features of Caviar is its ability to maintain its deep black appearance under different lighting conditions. Whether in natural or artificial light, Caviar retains its rich, bold presence, ensuring that the color remains consistent and impactful. This makes it an excellent choice for spaces that experience varying light throughout the day.

11. Black Magic (Sherwin-Williams SW 6991)

black magic paint sample close up

I love how Black Magic can be used to highlight and enhance architectural features within a home. When applied to trim, doors, or built-in shelving, it can emphasize details and create a polished, cohesive look.

It’s particularly effective in older homes with intricate woodwork, where the black can bring out the beauty of the craftsmanship while adding a modern twist.

Black magic wall paint
Black magic wall paint

While being a bold choice, Black Magic has the ability to create cozy and inviting spaces. When used in bedrooms or living rooms, it can give the room a warm, cocoon-like feel that’s perfect for relaxation. Paired with the right lighting and textures, it transforms a space into a comfortable retreat, making it feel intimate and sophisticated.

For fans of modern and minimalist design, Black Magic is a go-to color. Its clean, bold appearance is perfect for creating sleek, uncluttered spaces. It works exceptionally well with minimalist decor, where it can serve as the main focal point or a subtle backdrop that lets the simplicity of the design shine through.

On the exterior, Black Magic can make a powerful statement. It’s perfect for front doors, shutters, or even entire home exteriors, offering a bold contrast against lighter colors or natural materials like brick and stone. It enhances curb appeal and provides a sophisticated, modern look that stands out without being overbearing.

12. Black Panther (Benjamin Moore 2125-10)

black panther paint sample

One of the main reasons interior designers love Black Panther is its versatility. It can seamlessly fit into a wide range of design styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional and eclectic.

Whether used in a minimalist loft, a classic Victorian home, or a chic urban apartment, Black Panther just works.

best black paint colors for small living rooms

13. Black Iron (Benjamin Moore 2120-20)

black iron paint sample

Black Iron is a true, intense black with a luxurious matte finish. Its pure, dark hue provides a bold and dramatic presence, making it an ideal choice for creating statement walls or accent features.

Unlike many other blacks that may have noticeable undertones of blue, green, or brown, Black Iron maintains a consistent, neutral black appearance, ensuring that it works harmoniously with a wide range of colors and design styles.

best black paint colors for exteriors

Tips On How to Choose the Right Black Paint for Your Space

Picking the perfect black paint can feel like a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be stressful! Here’s how to make sure you choose the right shade for your space:

Consider The Natural Light

First things first—think about the natural light in your room. Black paint can look super different depending on how much light the space gets.

In a room with lots of sunlight, you can go for a deeper, richer black because the light will help balance things out. If your room is on the darker side, you might want to pick a softer black with some gray or brown undertones to keep things cozy without feeling too dark.

Room Size and Functionality

Next up, consider the size and purpose of your room. If you’re working with a smaller space, don’t worry! Black can actually make small rooms feel bigger if done right. Just pair it with lighter furniture and plenty of mirrors to reflect light and open up the space.

For larger rooms, black walls can add a sense of intimacy and coziness. Think about how you use the room, too—a deep, moody black might be perfect for a bedroom, while a softer black might work better in a busy living room or kitchen.

Pairing with Other Colors

Finally, think about the other colors in your space. Black walls look amazing with so many colors—white, gold, blush, navy, you name it. Decide on a color scheme that complements your black walls.

For a classic look, pair black with crisp white trim. For something bolder, consider deep jewel tones or metallic accents. The key is to create a balanced look that feels cohesive and intentional.

accent wall in bedroom using black paint

Interior Designer Tips for Styling Rooms with Black Walls

Alright, you’ve picked your perfect black paint. Now, let’s talk about how to style your room to make those black walls shine!

Creating Balance

Balance is key when working with black walls. You want to avoid making the room feel like a dark cave. One of the best ways to create balance is by incorporating lighter elements—think white trim, light-colored furniture, or even a bold, bright rug. This helps break up the black and keeps the space feeling open and inviting.

Adding Texture

Texture is your best friend when it comes to black walls. Adding different textures can bring depth and appeal to your space. Consider using velvet cushions, a chunky knit throw, or a sleek leather chair. These different textures play off the smoothness of the black walls and create a rich, layered look.

Highlighting Features

Black walls are amazing for highlighting features in a room. They create a striking backdrop that makes everything stand out. Have a favorite piece of artwork? Hang it on a black wall for maximum impact.

Do you have beautiful wooden beams or a fireplace? Let them shine against the dark background. It’s all about making those special features pop.

best black paint colors for fireplace accents

Use of Mirrors and Lighting

Mirrors and lighting are crucial when you’re working with black walls. Mirrors can reflect light and make the space feel larger and brighter. Hang a large mirror opposite a window to bounce light around the room. As for lighting, don’t be shy—layered lighting is your friend!

Use a mix of overhead lights, floor lamps, and table lamps to create a warm, inviting glow that highlights your beautiful black walls.

Examples of How To Use Black Paint In Different Rooms

Seeing is believing, right? Let’s take a look at some examples of how people have rocked black walls in their homes.

Elegant Living Rooms

best black paint colors for large living room

Imagine a living room with black walls, white trim, and plush, light-colored furniture. It’s the perfect mix of cozy and elegant. Add in some gold accents, a soft area rug, and a couple of plants, and you’ve got a space that feels both luxurious and inviting.

Black walls in living rooms can create a sense of drama while still being totally livable.

Dramatic Bedrooms

best black paint colors for bedrooms

Picture this: a bedroom with deep, charcoal-black walls, crisp white bedding, and a few pops of color with cushions and artwork.

The black walls create a cocoon-like effect, making the room feel intimate and cozy. Add some soft lighting and a textured throw, and you’ve got the perfect retreat for a good night’s sleep.

Modern Kitchens and Bathrooms

best black paint colors for cabinets

Kitchens and bathrooms might not be the first places you think of for black walls, but trust me, they can look incredible. Imagine a sleek kitchen with black walls, white cabinets, and stainless-steel appliances. It’s modern, clean, and super stylish.

Or a bathroom with black walls, a white clawfoot tub, and some chic gold fixtures—talk about a spa-like retreat!

These examples show that black walls can work in so many different spaces, adding a touch of elegance and drama that’s hard to beat.

Best Black Paint Colors – Conclusion

I hope this guide to the best black paint colors inspires you to be bold and choose a dramatic black paint for your next home improvement project.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with black—it just might be the perfect choice for your next home makeover!

thanks to the oversized peel-and-stick paint samples at Samplize you can test out a ton of different shades before you buy. This ensures you get to make the best paint color decision without wasting a dollar.

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