These 20 Features Will Sell Your Home Quicker, According To Science

These 20 Features Will Sell Your Home Quicker, According To Science

Is there a science to selling your home, by making certain design choices? If your home is staged with specific materials and fixtures, will it sell faster than others without?

When it comes to selling your home quickly, certain features can significantly enhance its appeal to potential buyers – but is there actual data on this?

It turns out that yes, there is data on this. A recent study done by Frontdoor looked at a number of recently sold homes, and charted the fixtures each home had in place, along with the number of days the listing was on the market until sold.

Surprisingly, there were a few stand-out discoveries. To ensure a swift sale, take a look at the top 20 home features that can help you sell your home faster, based on data from this study.

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1. Vanity Lighting (Median Days to Sell: 44)

bathroom features that help sell homes fast modern vanity lighting

Vanity lighting in bathrooms can transform a mundane space into a luxurious one. Good lighting highlights the bathroom’s best features and improves functionality, making it an attractive selling point.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel Reveal

Homes with updated vanity lighting tend to sell in just 44 days, indicating high buyer interest in well-lit, functional bathrooms​.

2. Stone Tile Floor (Median Days to Sell: 45.5)

Stone tile flooring is both durable and stylish, offering a timeless appeal that resonates with many buyers.

Modern mudroom ideas

It’s especially desirable in kitchens, laundry rooms, mudrooms and bathrooms due to its resistance to moisture and ease of maintenance.

Homes with stone tile floors typically sell in about 45.5 days, reflecting the value buyers place on quality flooring.

3. Open Shelving (Median Days to Sell: 47)

Open shelving in kitchens and living areas offers a modern, airy look and helps maximize storage.

Modern kitchen remodel ideas: open shelving

Open shelving combines style and practicality, making it a popular choice for modern kitchen designs. It’s particularly appealing for those who want to add a personal touch and maximize the functionality of their kitchen space.

It also allows potential buyers to visualize their belongings in the space, creating an open and inviting atmosphere. Homes with open shelving sell in approximately 47 days​​, according to Frontdoor.

4. Exposed Brick Wall (Median Days to Sell: 47)

Exposed brick walls add character and a rustic charm to any room.

They are particularly appealing in urban settings or loft-style homes, offering a blend of historical and contemporary aesthetics. Homes with this feature sell quickly, often within 47 days, as it adds a unique selling point that many buyers find irresistible​.

5. Modern Lighting (Median Days to Sell: 47.5)

Incredible modern home staging tips

Upgrading to modern lighting fixtures can significantly impact a home’s overall look and feel. Sleek, contemporary lighting enhances the ambiance and highlights architectural features, making the home more appealing to potential buyers.

Homes with modern lighting features sell in about 47.5 days, showcasing their broad appeal.

6. Artificial Grass (Median Days to Sell: 48)

Artificial grass offers a low-maintenance solution for maintaining lush, green lawns year-round. This feature is particularly attractive in regions with harsh climates where natural grass might struggle.

Homes with artificial grass often sell in 48 days, appealing to buyers looking for easy outdoor upkeep.

7. Chandelier Lighting (Median Days to Sell: 48)

Chandeliers add a touch of elegance and luxury to dining rooms and entryways. They serve as a focal point, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of a home.

Homes featuring chandelier lighting typically sell within 48 days, indicating that buyers appreciate these eye-catching additions​.

8. Shed (Median Days to Sell: 49)


A shed provides extra storage space, which is a significant selling point for many buyers. It can be used for tools, outdoor equipment, or even as a workspace, making it a versatile addition to any property.

Homes with sheds tend to sell in about 49 days, as they offer practical storage solutions that are highly valued by buyers.

9. Pergola (Median Days to Sell: 49)

pergola in backyeard with space for entertaiing and other features that help homes sell faster

Pergolas add both aesthetic and functional value to outdoor spaces, providing shade and a structure for outdoor living areas. They enhance the appeal of patios and gardens, creating inviting spaces for entertaining or relaxation.

Homes with pergolas sell in around 49 days, reflecting their popularity among buyers who appreciate outdoor amenities​.

10. Subway Tile (Median Days to Sell: 49)

Subway tiles are a classic and versatile choice for kitchens and bathrooms, known for their clean and timeless look.

They are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical yet stylish option. Homes with subway tile installations typically sell within 49 days, highlighting their enduring appeal.

11. Butcher Block (Median Days to Sell: 49)

Butcher block countertops offer a warm, rustic look that appeals to many buyers, especially those interested in cooking.

They are durable, easy to clean, and add a natural element to kitchens. Homes featuring butcher block countertops tend to sell in about 49 days, indicating a strong market preference for this feature.

12. Built-In Shelves (Median Days to Sell: 49)

example of living room with built-in shelving

Built-in shelves provide both functionality and aesthetic appeal by maximizing storage and displaying items elegantly.

They can be a significant selling point in living rooms and studies, helping homes to sell in approximately 49 days. This feature appeals to buyers who value both style and practicality.

13. King-Size Bed (Median Days to Sell: 49)

Cozy king size bed with ocean view

Having a master bedroom that can comfortably fit a king-size bed is a big draw for buyers, particularly those looking for spacious and luxurious accommodations.

Homes that can accommodate king-size beds typically sell within 49 days, as this indicates ample bedroom space and a higher standard of living.

14. Luxury Carpet (Median Days to Sell: 49)

Luxury carpets offer comfort and a touch of elegance to bedrooms and living areas. They are often associated with high-end finishes and contribute to a home’s overall sense of luxury and warmth.

Homes with luxury carpets tend to sell in about 49 days, reflecting their desirability among buyers looking for upscale interior features.

15. Recessed Cabinet (Median Days to Sell: 49)

Recessed cabinets provide sleek and modern storage solutions that save space and maintain clean lines in kitchens and bathrooms.

They appeal to buyers who appreciate contemporary design and efficient use of space. Homes with recessed cabinets generally sell in around 49 days.

16. Barn Door (Median Days to Sell: 50)

modern bunk bed design

Barn doors add a rustic, farmhouse-style charm to homes and are often used in spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms.

modern bunk bed kids room barn doors

They are not only stylish but also save space compared to traditional doors. Homes with barn doors typically sell within 50 days, reflecting their popularity among buyers seeking unique and practical design elements​.

17. EV Charger (Median Days to Sell: 50)

With the rise of electric vehicles, having an EV charger is a major selling point. It signifies that the home is future-ready and appeals to environmentally conscious buyers. Homes equipped with EV chargers tend to sell in about 50 days, as this feature addresses a growing need among prospective buyers​.

18. Bay Windows (Median Days to Sell: 50)

Coastal cottage bay windows looking out to oceanview

Bay windows add character and provide additional interior space, often making rooms feel larger and brighter. They are a desirable architectural feature that enhances curb appeal and interior light. Homes with bay windows generally sell within 50 days, showcasing their attractiveness to buyers​.

19. Dog House (Median Days to Sell: 50)

A dog house can be a unique selling feature for pet owners who see it as an added convenience. It indicates that the property is pet-friendly and has the potential to meet the needs of all family members, including pets.

Homes with dog houses typically sell in about 50 days, appealing to buyers who have pets and value this thoughtful addition​.

20. Wall Sconces (Median Days to Sell: 50)

Wall sconces add an elegant touch to hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms, providing both lighting and decorative appeal.

They can create ambiance and highlight architectural features, making spaces feel more inviting. Homes with wall sconces often sell in 50 days, indicating their appeal to buyers looking for both functional and stylish lighting solutions​.

These Features Will Sell Your Home Quicker – Conclusion

Do you think these features will significantly reduce your listings time on the market? Do these home features make it more appealing to potential buyers?

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these home decor tips.

See the study on Frontdoor.

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