11 Natural Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

11 Natural Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

There are many natural ways to keep your home smelling fresh. Sure, you could buy a bunch of air fresheners and candles, but why not try some natural methods first? Whether you have pets or kids, the potpourri of unpleasant smells can really take over your home quickly.

Even if you don’t have either, sometimes cooking can leave behind some not-so-pleasant aromas.

These days, air fresheners are filled with many fragrances and strange ingredients. If you want to avoid those, try some of these natural methods for keeping your home smelling fresh:

Here’s how to avoid toxins and chemicals, by freshening up your home naturally.

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11 Natural Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Freshening up your home naturally is pretty affordable, and it definitely beats using overly-scented products full of chemicals and artificial fragrances.

If you’re not sure where to start, I always recommend starting with keeping the house well-ventilated and then trying out the natural scents that appeal most to you. Eventually, you’ll come across a winning combination that you’ll come back to again and again.

Here are my favorite ways to keep your home smelling fresh, naturally!

1. Ventilate

Opening the windows on a crisp day is the easiest way to keep your home smelling fresh.

By opening up your windows and doors, you’re allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the space and help to remove any stale or musty odors. Try to open your windows as frequently as you’re comfortable with allowing your home to air out.

2. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way to naturally keep your home smelling fresh. You can diffuse them in each room or make your own natural air fresheners using essential oils and water.

Some great essential oils for freshness include lemon, lavender, and eucalyptus. There are many options available online, but I prefer Edens or Mountain Rose Herbs.

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3. Make Your Own Potpourri

You can make your own potpourri using dried herbs, flowers, spices, and essential oils. Simply combine these ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

Then, place the potpourri in a small dish or sachet and enjoy the fresh scent throughout your home. Potpourri also works great in bedroom drawers or small spaces that tend to get stale.

One of my all-time flowers to use for potpourri is lavender, as the scent is so calming and is just what I need after a long day.

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4. Simmer Cinnamon Sticks or Citrus Peels on the Stovetop

Cinnamon sticks are a great way to naturally keep your home smelling fresh (especially in the fall). If you’re looking for a more summer/spring scent, try boiling citrus peels such as lemon or orange.

Simply simmer a few cinnamon sticks or peels on the stovetop in water to release their fragrance into the air. You can also add other spices or essential oils to the water for a more potent smell.

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5. Use Bowls of White Vinegar

Vinegar will absorb any bad odors in the air and leave your home smelling clean and fresh. Be sure to change out the bowl of vinegar every few days for best results.

6. Baking Soda Is Your Friend!

Simply sprinkle some baking soda on carpets, upholstered furniture, and in pet bedding to help absorb any bad odors.

You can vacuum the baking soda up after 15-20 minutes. You can also place a bowl of baking soda in the fridge to help absorb any unpleasant smells that may be lurking. Change out the baking soda once a month for best results.

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7. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are a natural way to absorb unpleasant odors. Place a bowl of coffee grounds in the fridge or wherever you notice bad smells the most. Be sure to change out the coffee grounds every few days for best results.

8. Get Some Houseplants, Herbs, or Flowers

Not only do houseplants purify the air, but some of them also have natural fragrance. Place a few pots of fresh herbs near your kitchen to help neutralize any cooking odors.

Or try a scented geranium in the living room for a light, floral fragrance. Fresh flowers add color and pleasant fragrance to your home as well.

I just love the smell of herb assortments—they make my kitchen smell like a villa in the south of France!

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9. Don’t Forget About Lemons!

Lemons are a great way to clean your house and make it smell fresh. Simply cut a lemon in half and rub it over surfaces that need to be cleaned (such as the inside of your sink).

The lemon will help to remove any dirt or grime and leave your home smelling fresh and citrusy. You can also add lemon to water when cleaning floors or other surfaces.

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10. Use Natural Candles

Not all candles are created equal. Some candles are full of chemicals that can actually make your home smell worse. Opt for candles made with essential oils or beeswax to naturally fragrance your home.

11. Sage Your Home

Sage is a great way to cleanse your home of negative energy, bad vibes, and yucky smells. Simply light a sage stick and waft the smoke throughout each room of your home.

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11 Natural Ways To Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh – Conclusion

These are just a few of the many ways I like to keep my home smelling fresh (naturally!)

Remember that you don’t need to mix all of these strategies together for a great-smelling home. Simply combine ventilation with one or two of these strategies and enjoy the clean, fresh smell!

What are your favorite ways to keep your home smelling fresh?

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