Functional Shower Organizers To Accentuate Your Bathroom

Best Functional Shower Organizers For Your Bathroom Remodel

Looking for the perfect companion in the shower? Then you had better accessorize your bathroom with elegant shower organizers.

While there are so many bathroom accessories that can amp your bathroom, shower organizers like baskets, shower shelves, or shower caddies not only become a must-have but also, a style statement.

These bathroom fixtures offer functionality since they offer a lot of space for all your shower requirements while still adding a stylish design to the shower.

Shower organizers help to hold your bath supplies, toiletries, and other shower items like your scented candles, lotions, or essential oils. Also, they prevent them from falling over and again.

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Anyone would hate their soap falling down in the bathroom, right?

Clearly, we all require a shower basket, shower caddy, or a shower shelf.

Even if your bathroom is small, you will require proper organization by using a shower basket, shelf, or caddy of the right size in order to tidy up your bathroom space.

We really discourage homeowners from having large soap dishes to accommodate all their shower items. It is better to have a shower shelf installed to hold everything. Good enough, you can easily and neatly arrange items there.

In the market today, shower shelves, shower baskets, and shower caddies are the most common and functional shower organizers.


Shower shelves and shower baskets are the most common solution. So, for a luxury corner & wall, mounted shower baskets or shelves will not just look lovely, but unclutter your shower.

  • Shower caddies are equipped with multiple shelves and hung by a hook onto a shower set.
  • Telescopic shower caddies are free-standing with a reinforced middle pole (which could be made from aluminum) that features strong rubber grips and a high-compression spring for a secure fit.
  • Corner shelves or baskets easily fit freely into your bathroom corner. It can be free-standing or fixed to your bathroom wall by drilling, using suction cups, or sticking it to the wall through its adhesive glue.

Thus, in this article, we’ll give you tips on how to shop for these handy storage shower companions while also giving you inspiration on the kind you should get for your shower.

5 Tips to Consider when Buying your Shower Organizers

1. Check how your shower basket, caddy, or shelf is installed.

Some are free-standing; others are screwed to the surface or they may have suction cups; specially engineered adhesive glue for sticking; or even hooks for hanging over the door that should be fixed to smooth surfaces like tiles.

So, be sure to install yours as directed by the seller or bathroom designer.

2. Check the fixings which should be strong enough to withstand the weight of your accessories.

For example: if you fixed your shower baskets with screws or fixing plugs. Also, check the suction cups frequently because they may have a tendency to loosen over time with exposure to steam and moisture.

3. Get a moisture-resistant material;

This helps prevent these storage accessories from wearing out or deteriorating so quickly.

Some of the best materials include:

  • Aluminum makes very strong storage accessories.

Aluminum shower baskets are also easy to maintain. However, if your water is hard (e.g. it does not lather or form foam with soap easily), the material will show limescale marks.

That’s why it is common to hear bathroom designers advising that when choosing a shower shelf or basket, choose one made of premium aluminum which is insusceptible to wear or tear hence its durability.

  • Stainless Steel which is very resistant although also sensitive to limescale. Its silver look makes it highly preferred for shower shelves and baskets in the modern bathroom.
  • Glass which has clean lines and a light look that makes it a perfect gem for your bathroom. However, glass is difficult to maintain due to its fragility and quick limescale build-up.
  • PVC which is easy to maintain, hard-wearing, comes in a variety of colors, and is very affordable.

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4. Buy a rustproof shower basket material;

Engineered plastic or PVC which is guaranteed rust-free and corrosion resistant too. For example, the Shower Gem shower caddy.

5. Get the right style according to your budget.

Depending on your preference and the type of your bathroom décor, find a shower basket that will blend in your décor, and still serve its purpose.

It must fall within your budget because for sure, you need not invest in one that you hadn’t saved up for. Save first then get it if it exceeds your budget per time!

There you go! Now you can go ahead and select the right shower basket for you!

But first, here are some elegant shower organizers that will accentuate your bathroom while still adding so much functionality:

Shower Baskets

Corner Baskets

Shower Shelves

Quick Care Tips

  1. Check the fitting frequently to ensure your shower shelf or caddy remains firmly fixed in place. For example, suction cups may come loose over time due to steam. In this case,
  2. Only add bath supplies and toiletries of a sizeable weight to ensure your beautiful storage accessory can accommodate the weight. For example: if it is designed to hold three bottles, a soap, a razor, and loofah, be sure to add just that during storage.
  3. Clean your shower basket often to get rid of the limescale that builds up over time or bacteria that can accumulate on the surface (this is particularly important for plastic shower baskets).
  4. Check your shower basket for rust.
  5. Handle glass shower caddies carefully.

Do you have a shower organizer in your bathroom? Which of these beautiful shower storage accessories would you get for your bathroom?


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